Frequently Asked Questions
What is the National Nonprofit Collaborative?

The National Nonprofit Collaborative is a specialized subscription service tailored for nonprofit professionals, offering a wealth of resources, guidance documents, templates, and ready-made materials. It’s designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance organizational value for staff, board members, and stakeholders.

What does the subscription include?

For just $7 a month or $75 a year, members gain exclusive access to a curated library of resources. This includes downloadable digital assets, customizable templates, comprehensive guidebooks, expertly curated lists, development materials, and opportunities to contribute articles to the platform.

Why should I subscribe?

Our service saves valuable time and energy by providing solutions to administrative hurdles, strategic planning, fundraising endeavors, and program development. We offer comprehensive research on tools, enabling informed decision-making effortlessly.

How often are new resrouces released?

Every month! We will release several new resources every month in different categories! The longer you are in the Collaborative, the more resources you will have access to! We drip-release the content, meaning everyone’s first month will have the same resources, regardless of when they joined; everyone’s 6th month in the Collborative will have the same resources, regardless of when they joined; etc.

Do you give back to nonprofits?

Absolutely! We believe in the good work our nonprofit partners are engaged in and throughout the year we will donate a portion of proceeds to randomly selected members in the Collaborative!

Can staff/volunteers/board in my organization share their login credentials or do we need a separate login for each person?

We definitely encourage nonprofit organizations to share their login credentials with their team. Creating a team login will help keep your costs down which is what we are trying to do with these resources! We know funds are tight for nonprofits, so please share your credentials amongst your team!

However, if you are supporting multiple nonprofits, we do request one login per organization.

Please help us grow our Collaborative so we can continue providing the best resources possible!

I am a Consultant, can I still be a member of the Collaborative?

Absolutely! We just request that you have one membership per organization you support. We are relying in the honor system to keep these resources going!

I'm not part of a nonprofit, but I would like to support one- can I buy a membership on their behalf?

Absolutely! On the checkout screen you have the option to gift the subscription to someone else. Please enter the information for your contact person at the nonprofit you wish to support and we will take it from there!

What are the key resources available?

The platform provides a diverse array of resources, including templates, guidebooks, expertly curated lists, development materials, and opportunities for article contributions. Additionally, there are discussion boards fostering connections and mentorship opportunities, and exclusive webinars conducted by industry experts.

How can I contribute to the platform?

We invite nonprofit leaders to share their knowledge, success stories, and innovative strategies through article submissions for publication. This not only elevates the collective impact but also enhances organizational credibility and brand awareness.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Certainly! Our subscription is flexible and can be canceled anytime through the account management page. We offer both monthly and annual subscription options.

How will this subscription benefit my nonprofit organization?

By joining our community, you gain access to a plethora of resources that can assist in various aspects of nonprofit work—be it fundraising education, board training, capacity building, marketing assets, PR, or other high-demand resources. Our aim is to empower you to focus on serving your community while we handle the logistics.

How do I join?

To access this wealth of resources and support, simply register today. Stay tuned for continuous additions of invaluable tools and ongoing support for your nonprofit endeavors.

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