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The National Nonprofit Collaborative is an innovative subscription service tailored for nonprofit professionals, catering to staff, board members, and stakeholders. For just $7 a month, members gain exclusive access to a treasure trove of resources including templates, guidance documents, and ready-made materials. We’ve meticulously curated an extensive library, saving valuable time and energy by streamlining the logistics and operations side of nonprofit work.


Understanding the immense dedication of nonprofit leaders, we’ve crafted a platform that not only eases the administrative burden but also enhances the organization’s value. These assets are thoughtfully crafted to empower leaders, providing instant solutions to administrative hurdles, strategic planning, fundraising endeavors, and program development. With just a few clicks, access a myriad of materials that have been carefully curated to amplify organizational impact.

New Resources Added EVERY MONTH

Resources are drip-delivered based on when you subscribe. Everyone has access to the same resources during their first month in the Collaborative, no matter when you join- your first month in August will look the same as someone who joined in February. But, someone who joined in February will have dozens of new resources available to them by the time August rolls around! So, don’t wait, join now to gain access to resources sooner than later!

We give back to nonprofits!

Throughout the year, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to randomly selected nonprofits in the Collaborative! We know you are making big changes in your community and every dollar helps, so we do what we can to support the nonprofits who are a part of our mission of elevating collective impact!


By nonprofit leaders, for nonprofit leaders- a virtual arsenal of resources at your fingertips! Gain unlimited access to an extensive array of downloadable digital assets, meticulously designed to free up your time to do what you do best!

From customizable templates and comprehensive guidebooks to expertly curated lists and development materials, our library offers an unparalleled wealth of resources.

Showcase your expertise and insights by contributing articles to our platform. We invite nonprofit leaders like you to share your knowledge, success stories, and innovative strategies through article submissions for publication on our site. Your contributions not only elevate our collective impact but also enhance your organization's credibility and amplify its brand awareness.


Establish credibility in your field while gaining exposure for your nonprofit. Share your advice on fundraising tactics, governance issues, program implementation, or any other topic of interest to you! Our community is here to not only learn from you, but to support you every step of the way!

Join us in this vibrant exchange of ideas, where collaboration fuels innovation and collective knowledge propels the sector forward. Together, let's amplify our impact and drive positive change in the communities we serve.

Your experiences hold immense value and can inspire and educate others in the nonprofit community. Whether it's sharing lessons learned, advocating for a cause, or unveiling successful initiatives, your voice matters. Join our platform as a contributor and amplify your impact by reaching a wider audience eager to learn from your expertise.


Our exclusive webinars are another opportunity for continuous learning and professional growth! Sessions are crafted by industry experts and thought leaders, designed to equip nonprofit professionals with the latest insights, trends, and strategies shaping the sector.

These engaging webinars delve deep into diverse topics relevant to nonprofit operations, leadership development, fundraising methodologies, and emerging trends.

Our webinars aren’t just about knowledge transfer; they're an opportunity to connect with fellow changemakers, engage in live discussions, and foster a community dedicated to elevating each other’s work.


$7/month or $75/year

Gift option available at checkout!

For Nonprofit Leaders.
By Nonprofit Leaders

After many years of serving in nonprofit leadership and consulting with nonprofit boards, our team determined what the most requested resources have been and drafted them for YOU! We know not all nonprofits can afford a consultant, so we wanted to give nonprofits as much support as possible with the implementation of these resources.


We don’t expect nonprofits to enroll more than one person in their organization. You are encouraged to create a team login that you can share with all members in your nonprofit organization!

If you support more than one nonprofit organization, please subscribe each organization separately. We rely on the honor system and hope to continue serving as many nonprofits as possible.

We Can't Wait to Have You Join Our Community of Nonprofit Leaders

Join us today to unlock a wealth of resources and support, empowering you to focus on what truly matters—serving your community. Register now and stay tuned for the continual addition of invaluable tools and support!

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